To see what our interior designs look like, we encourage you to browse the portfolio of our studio. We approach work with the same care both when it comes to arranging small spaces and impressive residences. As architects, we work everywhere – in apartments, tenement houses, lofts, we arrange houses, villas and country estates.


Each implementation is the result of our conversations with the client and the combination of their preferences and preferred style with our ideas and proposed solutions. Interior designs are often the art of compromise and adaptation to the sometimes difficult layout of rooms, but we always focus on making the whole thing as comfortable as possible to use. We combine visually attractive solutions with functionality.


We follow the market and its trends. We undertake every architectural and arrangement challenge. We will design contemporary, minimalist interiors, compose decorations in both Scandinavian and industrial styles, New York, eclectic, English, Provence, French, metropolitan, transitional, contemporary classic, hamptons, dark and moody, art deco, vintage, glamor, boho and classic, if so desired by the client.

See, among others arrangements in the following styles: classic, English, modern, loft, Scandinavian.