MIKOŁAJSKAstudio Krystyna Mikołajska



We focus on the design that suit your needs, both functional and aesthetical. To get knowledge of the customer’s expectations, we begin with an extensive interview in which we discuss the use of individual design, client lifestyle, favorite colors, materials, structure and style of the interior. We prefer to do it by using examples – the best way to be confident about understanding each other.



We make an inventory in order to have a complete, accurate picture of the existing interior.



We prepare a draft of the functional areas in order to meet the wishes of the client. This is a very important step, because it forms the basis of any changes in the walls or major changes in construction. If only there is a possibility, we offer some different functional arrangements.



Once approved by the client, we go to the functional design part. The concept is presented in the visualization and flat views in scale 1:25. We design not only the architecture of the interior, but furniture (except upholstered). Only when we use indywidual furniture tailored to the room in which they are placed, the interior acquires its unique and unrepeatable expression. In the small interior, custom-made furnishings effect on the functionality of the apartment.



Upon completion of the design concept, we go to the technical design. All elements are drawn precisely in CAD program. The klient receives full technical documentation, which consists of the construction project changes and added elements in the electrical system, water and sewerage. The final documentation is issued in the form of A4 books. There are all drawings in 1:25 scale and visuals