Design process

Stage 0


The interior design process is hundreds of hours of work that are devoted to building a detailed plan that will allow you to achieve the effect as on the visualizations prepared by us. The number one hundred is no melodramatic exaggeration! On average, we spend about 350 man-hours on developing a 100m2 residential space from start to finish. If you’re asking yourself, “What am I actually paying for?” the answer is simple – For our time! Of course, for now-how, devilishly expensive programs, electricity consumption too 😉

  • Initial discussion of the project, provision of information materials, preparation of the offer
  • Signing a contract
  • Providing detailed drawings of the facility (files obtained from the developer or architect of the building) or arranging an inventory (taking precise measurements of the interior along with photographic documentation)
  • Sending the form – questionnaire. We need to discuss many aspects and the questionnaire will help you better prepare for the conversation, it may turn out that some issues you will want to think over or consult with your family (or business partner in the case of commercial spaces).
praca z architektem wnętrz

Stage 1


A good functional layout is the basis, you can say the “foundation” of the entire interior design. Therefore, even though this part of the work is not very effective, we devote a lot of time to it and strive to bring it to perfection. Therefore, to match your individual needs, we will ask a lot of questions!

  • A meeting to discuss the client’s exact functional and aesthetic needs (the meeting can take place both in our studio over delicious coffee and online from anywhere in the world)
  • Discussion with the investor of inspiration – photos or visualizations that illustrate the atmosphere and character of the interior that the client would like to obtain
  • Work on the functional layout (work on the plan – 2D drawings)
  • Presentation of the proposed functional layout and, if necessary, introducing any number of changes several times. The number of changes made depends on the contract variant you choose
  • Acceptance of the final functional arrangement of the interior
praca z architektem wnętrz

Stage 2


The design concept is the favorite stage of all customers. Now, a three-dimensional image is created showing a “photo from the future” – that is, what your dream house, apartment or restaurant will look like. At this stage, the most important decisions regarding the appearance of the space are made – forms, colors, structures and materials used.

  • Preparation of a design concept in the form of photorealistic visualizations
  • Sending the design concept and then, if necessary, introducing any number of changes once (or several times – if you have chosen the premium option).
  • Approval of the final concept
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Stage 3

Selection of materials

Material presentation and selection meeting – a discussion of selected materials that were previously presented in the visualizations.

With us, you won’t have to spend a few days on trips to shops with finishing materials – We will bring them for you to our showroom, where over coffee and cake you will be able to see them all arranged next to each other, touch and discuss their properties.

The material meeting is the only moment when it is very important that we meet “live”. No photos will reflect the actual texture and color of the tile, plank or fabric. In addition, pay attention to the fact that each monitor shows colors in a slightly different way – what on the phone screen may look bright and juicy on the screen of e.g. a laptop will look more subdued in colors. You have probably been slightly (or quite strongly) surprised by the color of the clothes or other items ordered online. Therefore, it is important to see everything in reality.

proces doboru materiałów wykończeniowych

Stage 4

technical drawings of the furniture part, lists and valuations

  • Handover of technical drawings of the furniture part – CONFIRMATION BY THE CUSTOMER
  • Handover and discussion of statements of materials along with pricing (If necessary, the proposal of substitutes for selected materials in order to optimize costs)
  • If there is a change, for example, the format of the tile, sending revised drawings
Jak powinny wyglądać rysunki architektury wnętrz

Stage 5

zestawienie materiałów do projektu wnętrz

See the finishing