For Connoisseurs

Project description

The apartment for design connoisseurs is a two-level apartment whose furnishings are based on natural materials – wood and stone. Warm, white-brown-sand colors constitute a modest, almost neutral background for colorful accents in the form of furniture, patterned tapestries and paintings referring in content to contemporary art and architecture. Most of the ground floor is occupied by a living area with a large sofa and a fireplace, a long dining table for 12 people and a modest kitchen equipped with a large island and wooden furniture. In the center there is a black openwork staircase, which, in addition to its obvious utilitarian function, also decorates the space. In the two-story high living room, attention is drawn to eclectically combined accessories: carpets in subdued colors, a fireplace finished with stone, a large cactus, paintings referring to modernist architecture in yellow-blue-green tones, a modern orange floor lamp, an orange chest of drawers and small sculptures shapes derived from various design styles. The first floor has been kept in a consistent style – its common denominator is the wooden soffit of the slopes and high elbow walls. Each room has a relaxation corner with a comfortable armchair, table and lamp. Modest, almost raw furnishings focus on unique details. In the teenager’s room there is a multi-colored tapestry and dark burgundy cabinets, in the master bedroom there is a blue dressing table and orange bedside tables, while in the guest rooms there is a yellow Bauhaus poster and a snow-white piano. An important role in the interior of the entire apartment is played by natural light, which enters through the glazing in the gable walls as high as the roof, elbow windows and large single-pane windows.