Cozy BoHo

Project description

The Cozy Boho project is an interior combining vintage, boho, rustic and Provencal styles. We are pleased to share photos from the photo session of this unique space!
In a two-level apartment with an area of ​​over one hundred and twenty square meters, we designed a comfortable, functional and cozy interior that brings to mind long journeys, but also childhood memories. On the ground floor there is a living area with a living room, large kitchen, dining room, balcony and bathroom. The base color here is natural light gray with green and yellow accents, which bring a spring, fresh atmosphere to the interior. The selection of furniture deserves attention here. Seemingly derived from different styles, the chairs, table, display cabinet and kitchen furniture work together perfectly – thanks to this combination, there is no monotony!
The bedroom located on the first floor is a patterned combination of boho style with Indian accents, including: a figure of Buddha, an original hanging monkey lamp or green wallpaper resembling the walls of a temple forgotten and taken over by the jungle. The selection of live plants is also important for this project, which, combined with atmospheric wallpapers and woven decorations, introduce a tropical atmosphere of the Far East into the interior.
In this project, we wanted to create an interior perfect for relaxation, soothing the senses, calming the mind and stimulating memories of long journeys, but also dreams of future ones.

We are pleased to share the information that you can also see the Cozy Boho project in this year’s September issue of Weranda magazine (9/2023).

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