Palladio Cracow

Project description

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the interior design of the apartment with an area of 53.3 square meters, located on the top floor of the Palladio investment in Krakow. The apartment in the city center with the interior design is ready for collection. If you are interested in purchasing, please let us know by e-mail or telephone – we will contact you with the owner. We will be happy to adapt the interior design to the needs of the new investor. The project includes a small space in which, in accordance with the client’s requirements, we have designed a large kitchen and dining area, a relaxation zone with a sofa and installation prepared for a projector, a practical bathroom with a laundry room hidden in the closet, and a bedroom with a spacious wardrobe and a comfortable work space. The apartment is illuminated by large balcony windows facing west. The color of the sunset light goes perfectly with the colors used in the interior: warm browns, neutral grays, soothing beiges and green accents. The main, but modest, decoration of this interior are the various textures of the materials used. They are delicate and unobtrusive. Thanks to this, there is a lot going on in an interior with subdued colors, and at the same time you do not feel overloaded with all kinds of decorations. Thanks to the colors, textures and materials used, both the living area and the bedroom promote relaxation. Underfloor heating also plays an important role in the sense of comfort. The small bathroom was planned in an extremely functional way, and our goal was to create a small relaxation zone in it, thanks to the use of a comfortable shower, natural colors and hiding the equipment in an openwork wooden wardrobe.