Project description

In addition to bold and avant-garde interiors, we also willingly implement the idyllic and modest visions of our Clients. Country Vibes is such a project. Our common goal was not to create a shocking design, but to create a cozy homely atmosphere and functional solutions. The strength of this project is its consistency and delicacy. The base here is off-white. The monotony of light colors is broken by green and blue accents and almost black furniture. There is also natural wood, which creates a truly rural atmosphere, and natural accessories: wicker baskets, dried grass and live green plants. The great advantage of this house is a large, separate kitchen with easy access to the dining room and a direct passage from the vestibule (which makes it easier to bring in e.g. shopping). The room is well lit and arranged so that using it is a pleasure! In accordance with the theory (and practice) of design, we have planned a kitchen work triangle. At the entrance, under the window, we have placed a seat – our favorite solution and liked by our Clients, which means that the kitchen no longer has only a working function, but also becomes a place for conversations or morning relaxation with a coffee. We designed the living room for a family who wants to spend time together. There is a large sofa and a comfortable chaise longue – the blue accent – for people who need a little more space around themselves. In addition to typical open bookcases, we have proposed a bookcase hidden behind a display case made of grooved glass. A solution worth considering is the functional layout in a teenager’s room. We hid the night part (bed and wardrobes) behind a shelf, which separated this space and gave it some privacy. The background for the guest corner – two armchairs with a round table – is a green wall with a green frame in which two lamps are integrated. This installation not only adds character to the interior, but also visually separates the space available to the guest staying in the teenager’s room.
We have described here just some of the solutions we used in this apartment to make it comfortable, functional and beautiful. The key to creating a good interior is to adapt it to the needs of the family living in it, which we did once again for our Clients with great passion and commitment!