Apartment in Vienna

Project description

The apartment in Vienna is a project made in accordance with the latest contemporary trends and adapted to the unique needs of the family living in it. In addition to the rooms that are found in almost every house or apartment, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom and children’s rooms, there is also space for a winter garden, a recreation room and a relaxation zone. The entire interior is kept in consistent gray and beige colors, which are properly exposed thanks to carefully selected lighting. The fashionable interior has been complemented with unique and timeless solutions. The recreation room uses natural stone and wood motifs, which combined with deep gray shades give the impression of being in a cave! It is an exceptionally cozy cave with a comfortable sofa, an elegant bar with a stock of exclusive alcohols, a TV area and a place to focus on work. Another room whose design and colors are also conducive to relaxation is the relaxation zone with a sauna, comfortable deckchairs and a comfortable place for physical exercise and meditation. Beautiful wallpaper with a motif of grass swaying in the wind and subdued light help to induce a state of deep relaxation. The winter garden is a unique living area with space for rest, work and passion. In addition to a simple but comfortable sofa facing the TV screen, we also designed a work space with a view of the greenery surrounding the apartment and a place for an elegant white piano. The winter garden has become an exceptionally cozy place thanks to the use of a simple and effective solution: light Roman blinds covering all the glazing.