Elegance made simple

Project description

This studio design is the epitome of functionality and elegance.
As part of the project, a house for a family of four was created
a comfortable and modern space in shades of beige and brown.

We wanted to create a functional and modern space while maintaining lightness and simplicity. We have once again shown that minimalism and elegance do not equal boredom. The design uses light colors of nature – shades of beige, combined with gray and black. Wooden elements, present throughout the entire project, diversified the space.

The owners wanted the house to be intelligent, so they chose a wireless and modular system that controls most of the equipment – sockets, lighting (both internal and external), blinds, heating and monitoring. In addition to an efficient equipment handling system, a solution was chosen that would make it easier to maintain order. The house has a system of built-in wardrobes, which ensures that there is plenty of space to store things out of sight.