Japandi Serenity – interiors to soothe the spirit

Project description

Japandi Serenity is an interior that we created to soothe the spirit. In this project, we wanted to create a pleasant and calming space that allows for relaxation and brings relief to all the senses. Therefore, we chose natural colors – white, sand color, beige, light brown and subdued black – as well as floors, furniture, buildings and cladding made of wood. There are also plenty of live plants here! This apartment is defined by wood. In each room we are finding a strong accent in the form of a wooden floor and wall cladding, lamellas, wardrobes, hidden doors, tiles imitating wood arranged in a herringbone pattern on the bathroom wall, and even a wooden ceiling cladding in the kitchen! However, apart from the general impression, it is also worth focusing on the details of this interior. In a minimalist kitchen, we have proposed practical construction combined with aesthetic shelves above the worktop. We combined a large island with a small coffee table made of solid wood, which, together with a window seat, creates an ideal place to drink your morning coffee. The living room is decorated with unique furniture: a simple sofa, elegant brown armchairs and pouffes whose shape reminds us of white stones washed ashore by the sea. The night zone is a space that we have planned for privacy and separating the bedroom from everyday affairs. The dressing room, bathroom and master bedroom create one coherent and unique whole, and the dressing room serves as a buffer here. In each of the rooms of the private zone, we took care of a distinctive accent. In the bedroom it is warm brown, while in two offices it is juicy green and rusty-red-brown colors.