Masurian Marina

Project description

Mazurska Marina is a project of a unique resort. We want to share with you our vision of the reception and living area of ​​one of the apartments.
The whole room is decorated in warm sand colors, which introduce guests to relax. We created a cozy atmosphere in the interior by using several materials and their various textures, while ensuring that they remain in harmony with each other. The sight of comfortable furniture makes every visitor want to sit down and relax with a view of the Masurian landscapes. It is no coincidence that the reception area has vivid greenery and references to nature in the form of wallpaper with ears of corn and wooden details – in this project we wanted to refer to the beautiful Masurian nature and let it penetrate the interior! The furnishing of the apartments is based on simple, bright furniture and soft and thick fabrics, which together create an idyllic combination perfect for relaxation. A functional kitchenette, a comfortable dining area and a small, cozy living room make your stay at the resort comfortable and please not only the eyes, but also soothe the senses.