Natural Japandi Minimalism

Project description

The project “Natural Japandi Minimalism” is 150 sqm proposal for people who appreciate the harmonious combination of simplicity and natural materials. It is a two-level apartment dominated by light wood, off-white and natural beige. In this case, black and red wine appear as contrasts and accents.

The project refers to the Japanese interior design style, characterized by minimalism and attention to natural materials. Wood plays a key role here, being the main finishing material. In combination with white and natural, broken colors, it creates a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

The apartment has been designed on two levels, which allows for easy separation of the living and private space. On the first level there is a living room with a dining room and a kitchen. The light colors of wood and white dominating here make the interior bright and spacious.

On the second level of the apartment there are bedrooms, a study and a bathroom.

The project “Natural minimalism in the Japandi version” is an offer for people who appreciate simplicity, harmony and natural materials. It is an interior where you can relax and feel close to nature