Only good Vibes

Project description

When designing interiors, in addition to colors, furniture, accessories and implementation costs, we always think about what emotions and mood will accompany the users staying there. They should be adapted not only to the function of a given room, but also to the needs and atmosphere of investors. What if investors prefer to live according to the principle of only good vibes? Then a project like this is created!

Classic but modern. Modern and yet timeless. Timeless, yet in line with trends. We achieved all this by choosing light colors, accents in clear but subdued colors, classic furniture forms and accessories that meet the needs of a family of four who want to relax in a cozy apartment. The functional layout of the apartment is also important here.

The living area is a space well lit with natural light, combining the functions of a living room, dining room and kitchen. Almost every child’s dream is a bed full of pillows. And can’t this be a dream for adults too? In the living room we planned to place a green sofa with lots of soft pillows. You can sink into them while relaxing in the evening with a book and warm tea. Between them you can sit comfortably with the whole family and watch a series, as well as offer a comfortable place for long conversations with friends. The narrow but large kitchen is partially separated from the living room and dining room by a shelf. We placed the countertop below the furniture visible from the living room to somewhat hide the everyday kitchen life, which can be chaotic.

We have designed a similar but individualized space for each household member. In three bedrooms, we have recessed walls that free up space. In the rooms for teenagers, we have shelves for books and trinkets. Each room received its own color accent: brown (master bedroom), blue (son’s room) and aquamarine (daughter’s room). In both the day and night zones (bedrooms), we used long, light and thick curtains, which, apart from their obvious function of covering the windows, create a nice atmosphere and eliminate echoes in the rooms.

Our goal was to create an interior for the family as a whole while respecting the individual characters of its members. We would like everyone to feel good not only in their private room, but also in the common living area. Thanks to this, you can feel only good vibes in this apartment.