Peaceful Zen

Project description

The interior design of the apartment in Krakow, with an area of 80 m2, was created using natural materials that were incorporated into the convention of Far Eastern ZEN. Everything is decorated in natural colors, which adds coziness and harmony.

The living room has a comfortable sofa in shades of beige, which contrasts perfectly with a wooden coffee table and a light, natural carpet. The walls are finished in shades of warm gray, which creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

The kitchen is designed in a minimalist style, with anthracite frame cabinets that harmoniously combine with wooden countertops. There are also other wooden accents in the kitchen that add coziness and warmth. Large windows allow natural light to enter, making the room bright and pleasant.

The bedroom is a place where warm, natural materials were used, combined with a slightly gray-blue sinter on the wall behind the headboard. Wooden floors, light walls and bedding in shades of beige and gray create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The bed is placed on the axis of the room, which allows for free air flow and visually enlarges the room.

The bathroom uses light tiles resembling raw plaster, which are harmoniously combined with wooden accents.

The entire interior design of the apartment in Krakow, using natural materials and japandi-like styling, creates a cozy and unique space ideal for lovers of Far Eastern travels.