Terrace – living room open to the sky

Project description

The living area of the house does not have to be located inside the house, at least not all of it. It was with great pleasure that we completed the interior-exterior design, i.e. a terrace serving as a summer living room. Contrary to appearances, a terrace can be extremely functional and practical. This is influenced by well-thought-out furniture, properly selected plants and… roofing!

A mobile roof is the key to functionality!

Taking care of the roof (preferably movable) over the terrace has many advantages. It can protect us from direct sun on hot days, as well as from rain on warm but rainy evenings. Reducing the impact of weather conditions will also delay the wear of patio furniture. But it is not everything! A mobile roof can also limit the access of sunlight to the apartment. Thanks to this, the apartment will heat up less on warm days.

Essential equipment for a practical terrace

In this project, we wanted the terrace to be an extension of the living room. Therefore, we have provided the necessary equipment there: a comfortable sofa and an armchair (from which the soft seats and backrests can be easily removed for the colder months), a coffee table, atmospheric and practical lighting and lush plants that add coziness and slightly separate us from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time it is not a barrier.

This is not the only terrace design we have done! We encourage you to also take a look at this project: Green oasis.