The Dragon

Project description

Our designs are always a response to the needs and visions of clients who usually like the popular and beautiful Japandi, boho, glamor or New York styles, but sometimes they want something that cannot be clearly attributed to any style. They want an interior with a claw – in this case – a dragon claw!
The Dragon project involved the arrangement of a small apartment in an eclectic style with Japanese motifs. What do you associate with Japan? Simplicity conducive to meditation, characteristic plants with beautiful flowers and dragons. The living area is a small living room connected to the kitchen and work area. There is also room for a round dining table. We designed this part of the apartment based on contrast – black and light silver and powder pink. The dark wall, behind the green stylish sofa, is decorated with a contrasting image of a flying dragon. This painting is surrounded by a frame in the color of the wall – a modest accent that adds a unique character to this interior. Of course, this is not the only place where the presence of dragons makes itself felt! The bathroom walls are finished with tiles in the shape of dragon scales, above which there is a wallpaper depicting a mixture of Japanese flowers. The main bedroom equipped with a low bed, light wooden furniture and miniature trees in pots can be associated with the Japandi style. A unique decoration of this bedroom is a wallpaper depicting wild cranes (a symbol of longevity, happiness and prosperity) in a bamboo thicket.