Woodscapes – colorful and contemporary

Project description

Woodscapes is a truly forest landscape inside the house. This is due to the exposed wooden structure of the ceiling, partially boarded walls, furniture made of raw wood and accessories in a deep, fresh green color. Thanks to the ubiquitous wood, the interior is at first glance associated with a rural idyll, but thanks to modern equipment and accessories, it has gained a contemporary character. When staying in the living area, we feel that what defines the interior is wood. The floor, sofa, tables, chairs and even the display cabinet in the kitchen – kept in neutral black and gray tones – seem to be only a modest addition to the forest interior. It is also worth paying attention to accents in natural brown and rust colors that perfectly complement the composition, discreet lighting that properly highlights the values ​​of this space and delicate boho-style accessories: white macrame, natural plants and a straw lamp shade or a characteristic pattern on the carpet. The gem of this house is the unique kitchen with green cabintes, glazed upper cabinets made of light wood and rusty tiles between the cabinets shimmering in the light. A child’s room is a forest oasis of peace. The bright room is equipped with furniture whose size is adapted to the child’s height. The bright colors here are broken by beautiful dark green wallpaper with plant and animal motifs. The two bright bedrooms are rooms with modest, simple furnishings consistent in color and style with the entire interior. In one of them, we designed a comfortable and functional seat and a small bookcase in the window frame.