Light and warmth – what we value in contemporary interiors

Project description

Bright, warm, cozy and modern. These are the interior features that our clients often use to describe their dream apartments. We can perfectly meet these expectations and we have our own reliable ways to do it.

Reliable ways to create a cozy and modern interior

First: light, natural colors – preferably beige, off-white and warm grays. Choosing this color tone as a base for the interior is always a good choice. Secondly: wood – we can use it to make floors, windows and doors, furniture and accessories. Another tip is the lack of monotony. We try to ensure that the equipment is not made of one material and does not have a uniform texture. Let’s add well-thought-out and properly selected lighting to all this, and our interior will become a space that exudes harmony and a homely atmosphere.

Bright living area

We used these solutions, among others, in this project. We have equipped the bright, well-lit kitchen with off-white furniture. To avoid monotony, the kitchen island has a grooved texture, and the kitchen stools are made of natural wood. We used a similar procedure in the dining room and kitchen. Here the furniture is made of different materials which, despite the differences, match each other. Various accessories and potted plants are also important, as they give the living area an individual character.

A unique night zone

On the first floor and mezzanine, we designed a private zone: bedrooms, dressing room, bathrooms, laundry room and office. We decided to design the master bedroom as a contrast to the rest of the house. Together with the Client, we chose dark furniture, curtains, ceiling and wall, but the interior is still… bright and warm! What makes this room unique is a well-thought-out space for a projector and screen – opposite the double bed. The daughter’s space is a child’s dream fairy land. Using calming colors, safe materials and comfortable solutions, we designed a children’s (and girls’) bedroom with many nooks and crannies and a secret passage to the adjacent room. For some time, it will function primarily as a playroom, although we designed it so that it could also function as a guest bedroom.

Light and warmth – what we value in contemporary interiors

Light and warmth are features that we value very much in contemporary interiors. We are happy to share the projects that we have designed in accordance with this principle. You may also be interested in the bright and warm Only good vibes project?